Video Bible Devotions is a new initiative coming later on this year to make regular Bible reading and personal devotion to God’s Word something that is accessible to generations of young people growing up in an increasingly audio-visual culture.

The vision: Video Bible Devotions

To provide regular video-based Bible readings with teaching points that help people with their personal devotion to God’s Word.

The strategy: video-based personal Bible reading

Each video will be 3-5 minutes in length and feature:

  • a reading from a verse or passage of the Bible,
  • an explanation of what it says,
  • a starting point for applying what it says to our faith in Jesus.

Stylistically, they will be somewhere between a well-produced vlog and the current look and feel of Video Bible Talks.

The videos will be produced and arranged into collections of videos that will provide between 2-4 weeks of personal devotions in each collection. Initially, these videos will be available to watch on YouTube and online via the Video Bible Talks website. In time, we would love to make these videos available via an app for smartphones as well.

And, as always, these videos will be available for free without charge.

The purpose: Regular Bible reading for the audio-visual generations

Designed to be a complementary ministry to Video Bible Talks, these video-based devotions will feature a reading from a verse or passage of the Bible, an explanation of what it says, and a starting point for applying what it says to our faith in Jesus and the life we live in response to his good news.

As you are probably aware, Video Bible Talks seeks to provide faithful video-based Bible teaching for use in youth groups, small groups and other ministries. Video Bible Devotions will complement this work by seeking to provide faithful video-based Bible insights for use in personal quiet times and as part of a daily devotion to God’s Word.

Past generations of Christians have benefited enormously from personal Bible reading notes and daily devotional materials. However, recent generations of Christians have grown up neglecting this personal devotion to God’s Word. One reason for this neglect is the shift in modern culture away from a literary culture (one that uses books and written resources to learn and grow) and instead embracing a more audio-visual culture (where video and online media are the go-to means for gaining knowledge). For example, when people want to cook a nice meal, older generations will pick up a cook book, middle generations will look up a recipe online, and younger generations will watch a video on YouTube.

The need: How you can help

If you think that these videos would be a blessing and a benefit to your personal devotion to God’s Word and/or helping younger generations in an audio-visual culture to engage with God’s Word regularly for themselves, then please consider supporting this project in prayer. You can sign-up to receive our updates via the form at the bottom of each page on this website.

Please also consider supporting this work financially. You can do this either by giving a single, one-off gift or you can become a regular supporter who gives a small gift of £5 each month (that’s just £1.25 each week).

Whether or not you are willing and able to give financially, please pray for the ongoing work of Video Bible Talks and this new project to provide Video Bible Devotions. In particular, please pray…

  • Give thanks for the teaching, training, rebuking and correcting that comes through God’s Word in the Bible.
  • Pray for continued faithfulness and effectiveness of Video Bible Talks.
  • Pray for the new work of Video Bible Devotions and for the LORD to provide all that is needed to begin this new ministry.

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