July is here, Wimbledon is about to get underway, and the work with Video Bible Talks is kicking into a higher gear as we get ready to film the Colossians series which will be available in the Autumn.

Here is a quick run through of the latest happenings and goings-on with the work of Video Bible Talks.

Charity Formation

Just over a week ago we received confirmation from the Charity Commission that our application to establish Video Bible Talks as a registered charity has been received and is bring processed.

This is extremely good news and is the final step in the long process of getting this work recognised as a registered charity. This couldn’t have happened without the hard work and input of our fabulous Trustees.

We still have a bit of a wait ahead of us, as the Charity Commission registration division notified us that they are ‘experiencing exceptionally high volumes of work’ at present and so we are unlikely to hear anything for at least another 6-7 weeks.

However, at least the finishing line of this particular race is in sight. Being a registered charity will make a massive difference to authenticity and accountability of our work as well as the obvious practical benefits of being able to claim Gift Aid, allow a wider range of regular supporters, and access grant-awarding and funding organisations.

The next series: Colossians

The scripts for the next series of Video Bible Talks form the New Testament book of Colossians have been written and are now going through the checking and vetting process. We are immensely grateful for Ian Fry (Associate Minister for Families at St Ebbe’s Oxford) and his input on the theological faithfulness and clarity of the Colossians series.

Once the scripts have been checked and finalised, I will be story-boarding the opening and closing segments of each of the eight videos in the series, and then planning the filming schedule which will take place during August. Dave Cornes will be presenting the videos once again, and the completed videos will be release from beginning of Autumn 2018.

Work on the first set of Video Bible Devotions videos has been on hold while we focus on the pre-production work of the Colossians series. However, now that the scripts have been written and are being checked, I can begin work on sketching out the first set of Video Bible Devotion videos.

As this is a completely new endeavour, we want to make sure that we start well and set ourselves on a helpful trajectory. We still are working out exactly what the look, feel and style of these videos will be (for instance, whether we go for live-action videos, like the existing Video Bible Talks videos, or animation-based videos, like the Bible Project). However, support for this work has been overwhelmingly positive and so we are looking forward to seeing how the LORD might use these videos to grow and strengthen the church through our personal times of devotion to his Word, in the Bible.

Please pray…

So, with the above in mind, please pray for the following…

Things to give thanks for…

  • Give thanks for the opportunity that I/we have to serve the LORD and bless the church through the work of Video Bible talks.
  • Give thanks for all the churches that have made use of Video Bible Talks videos so far, and for the steady flow of registrations and downloads that we get each week/month.
  • Give thanks for the LORD’s provision (sometimes through ordinary means, sometimes through extra-ordinary means) over the last year.

Things to pray for…

  • Pray that the Charity Commission would approve our application to become a registered charity, and that it would be able to do so promptly and in good time.
  • Pray for the last few steps of preparation and for the filming and production of the Colossians series of Video Bible Talks.
  • Pray for the work in preparing and establishing Video Bible Devotions as a complementary ministry to Video Bible Talks. Pray that both would honour the Father and strengthen Jesus’ church by directing people to faith in Him through the Spirit’s work as people hear and receive his Word.

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