The weather is turning colder, leaves are changing to golden colours, and people have even started pointing out how many weeks it is until Christmas! October is here, and so is this month’s update from Video Bible Talks.

In this update:

The Colossians series

The first video in the new series from Colossians was made available last week and has already started being shown and used in one or two churches, for which we praise God and give thanks that these videos continue to be a useful and helpful blessing to churches around the world.

If you haven’t already done so, you can watch, download and share the first video here:

Brand new for this series is an additional set of companion videos which give a 2-3 minute summary of the main teaching points from the Bible passage in each session.

These summary videos are intended for use by youth group and ministry group leaders to share with group members, parents/guardians, other leaders, church leaders, and anyone else who would benefit from being given an overview of each session. This could be beforehand as a notice/primer or after the session as a recap and reminder.

The link to share these videos is on each video download page and each teaching summary video is also available for download with each Bible talk video as well.

Charity Formation

Our application to the Charity Commission’s still has not been fully processed, despite regular attempts by the trustees and our solicitors to get a substantive response from the commission, either positively as confirmation of our registration as a charity or negatively as a legal basis for why we have not been accepted for registration. Instead, we seem to be held in some sort of ‘registration no-man’s land’, which is very frustrating.

As we have mentioned in previous updates, establishing Video Bible Talks as a charity would make a considerable difference to the work of Video Bible Talks, and so this matter continues to be our top priority in prayer.

Support for Video Bible Talks

Video Bible Talks depends entirely on the financial support and giving of people and churches who see the value in video-based Bible teaching that is available to all, in any church in any context without charge. At the risk of repeating ourselves, this means that we can only produce more videos if people like you in churches like yours support what we do.

At present, we are only 25-30% funded each month. This means that we receive about £350 out of the minimum amount of £1,500 each month to be able to work on Video Bible Talks full-time, all year round.

As you can see, we still need to raise a little over £1,000 each month. This may seem like an enormous amount… but it really isn’t, not when you break it down a bit.

For instance, we would hit our minimum funding amount if any one of the following scenarios were to happen…

  • Every other church that has used Video Bible Talks videos in the past were to give a lump-sum gift of £500.
  • Every other person on our mailing list were to signup to give £5 per month.
  • Every other person (or every other parent of a young person) who has benefited from a Video Bible Talks video were to give a single gift of £5.

…and just consider what we could do if two or more of these were to happen?

So what can you do? Well, here’s three suggestions…

  1. Consider supporting us £5 per month yourself 
    Now, I know for some of us this means giving up a latte and a chocolate muffin each month and for others this is quite a big amount. Either way, consider the blessing this would be for Jesus’ church as well as you personally (and I’m not just talking about the health benefit for some of us, either)!
  2. Ask your church council/elders to consider supporting Video Bible Talks
    What church council or eldership wouldn’t be at least interested in supporting a project that provides faithful Bible teaching in over 100 churches worldwide?
  3. Commit to pray for the funding of Video Bible Talks
    Just as the disciples couldn’t haul in a catch of fish without Jesus’ involvement (Luke 5:1-11), so we cannot hope to gain any funding without Jesus’ say-so. All of the trustees have committed to praying for all the needs of Video Bible Talks every Monday between 8-10am, so why not  set a reminder to join us and do likewise?

Please pray…

So, with the above in mind, please pray for the following…

Things to give thanks for…

  • Give thanks for the release of the first video in the Colossians series of Video Bible Talks.
  • Give thanks for the blessing and impact that Video Bible Talks videos are having on individuals and churches worldwide.
  • Give thanks for the LORD’s ongoing and continuing provision for the work of Video Bible Talks.

Things to pray for…

  • Pray for the ongoing editing of the Colossians series of Video Bible Talks and the beginning of work on Video Bible Devotions, as well as wisdom in planning next year’s production schedule.
  • Please pray for ongoing patience and dependence on God in prayer as we wait for the Charity Commission to respond to our application. Pray that they would accept and approve our application without any further delays.
  • Pray for an increase in churches and regular supporters who would be willing to commit to giving each month to support the work of Video Bible Talks.

Thank you!

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