There are not many ways that we can compare ourselves to the Queen of the United Kingdom. However, one way that we can liken ourselves to Her Majesty is that we have a special Christmas message for you!

Our Christmas 2018 message will come in two parts. The first, which you can view above or read below is a quick look back over the last year in Video Bible Talks.

The second, which will be made available in a week’s time, just before New Year, will be looking ahead to what we hope to achieve in 2019.

As I look back over 2018, I am just amazed and humbled by what God has done for us and through us with Video Bible Talks.

It hasn’t been a smooth ride… for most of the year we were running at about 20-30% funded each month, which has meant that I’ve needed to take on video contract work to pay the bills… and that pushes the work of Video Bible Talks back each time that happens. Plus, there is the ongoing saga with our charity commission application – plenty of prayer still needed there!

However, in the last 12 months, we have been able to produce eight brand new Bible teaching videos so far, bringing the total number of videos available up to fifteen.

Back in April, we finished the Habakkuk series, and then we’ve been working on the eight-video Colossians series throughout the second half of this year. The last three videos in the Colossians series are in the final stages of post-production, ready to be made available at the beginning of January.

To date, there are approximately 130 churches in the UK and around the world who have used Video Bible Talks videos in their youth groups or small groups.

On average, our videos get 60 downloads and over 200 views each month online, plus they are regularly shown on third party sites, such as Clayton.TV, where they are viewed by thousands of people worldwide.

I’ll be honest, what we’re doing with Video Bible Talks still seems really small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

However, I know from working as a youth and children’s minister in a church just how unglamourous yet so significant week-in, week-out Bible teaching can be in the life of young people and those in our churches.

And this is why we want to continue to grow and develop this work further.

…but we couldn’t have done this without your support in prayer and in giving to this work.

So, from myself and the other trustees of Video Bible Talks: thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.

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