Having recovered from the Christmas day food coma and survived the tidal-wave of wrapping paper, it is now time to turn our attention to New Year and remember the words for Auld Lang Syne.

Last week we sent out the first part of our Christmas message, which you can view or read online here.

Here is the second part of the message, which you can watch above or read below, in which we look ahead to what we hope to achieve in 2019.

Christmas is upon us and New Year is just around the corner. This festive season is a great time for looking back and reflecting on what has been but also looking ahead to what might be.

And so, as we look ahead to 2019, I am excited and encouraged about what the LORD may have in store for us.

We go into the new year being roughly 60-70% funded each month, which means that I will be able to spend more time preparing Video Bible Talks videos and developing additional content.

We’re also talking with a couple of other organisations about establishing potential ministry partnerships and, if the LORD is willing, we may even be registered as a charity by this time next year!

As for new videos, we’re looking to write, film and edit fourteen brand new videos in 2019: a series on the Exodus, a series giving a Bible Overview, and some one-off videos looking at Easter or the Psalms.

These videos would bring the total number of videos available up to twenty-nine videos – in youth groups terms, that’s nearly a whole year’s worth of Bible teaching!

…but that can only happen as planned if we can raise an additional £500 each month in order to hit our minimum monthly funding target.

For a small number of you, you are already giving generously and sacrificially to this work, and each month your gifts are blessing the ministry of hundreds of churches around the world through the work of Video Bible Talks.

For others, your personal or church situation means that you are currently only able to be benefactors of other people’s generosity.

This is not a problem. In fact, you are one of the main reasons that Video Bible Talks was started in the first place.

This is Gospel partnership at its best, and so we would want you to continue to use our videos for free, for God’s glory and the good of the church.

But maybe you are someone who uses our videos and your church has benefited from Video Bible Talks… but you haven’t yet contributed to the work or supported this ministry.

If that’s you, then please could I ask you to consider whether or not, by God’s grace you might be able to give something back to Video Bible Talks?

This might be contributing a small amount to cover some of the costs of producing videos that you have already used, or it might be to give generously and sponsor our work… and directly help others have access to a growing collection of video Bible teaching videos in the future.

No matter what you decide to give towards this work, please do continue to pray for us.

If you haven’t yet signed up to receive our monthly updates, you can do so on the videobibletalks.com website.

You’ll receive bullet-point summaries that can direct you in what to pray for us specifically each month, as well as keeping you up-to-date with what we are doing.

That’s all from me for now.

Have a great Christmas, rejoice in our Saviour, and may you know him better throughout 2019.

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