Frosty mornings, festive lights, an abundance of tinsel, and Christmas songs that we have been sick of since early November… it must be the beginning December and the season of Advent!

Which also means that it is time for this month’s update from Video Bible Talks…

In this update:

Charity Formation

Towards the middle of November, we received yet a third round of questions from the Charity Commission. These most recent questions clearly suggest that the Charity Commission are not satisfied that we are seeking to establish Video Bible Talks for purely charitable purposes. As you can imagine, this came as quite a shock to us and we were initially confused and concerned as to how and why the Charity Commission had come to take this view of Video Bible Talks.

Having reviewed the communication that has taken place over the last five months between ourselves and the Charity Commission via our solicitors, we have identified observations and statements that have been made by our solicitors that are misleading and inaccurate. We believe that this has led the Charity Commission to form a view of Video Bible Talks that is incorrect, and so reasonably (on their part) but mistakenly (owing to representations by our solicitors) question the motives and intentions behind establishing Video Bible Talks as a charity.

Therefore, we (the Trustees) have taken the decision to communicate directly with the Charity Commission, in order to correct any misunderstandings that have arisen and reassure them that Video Bible Talks is being established as a charity for the public benefit in advancing the Christian faith.

Obviously, this situation is deeply frustrating, not least because each round of questions and communications with the Charity Commission brings with it an additional 6-8 week delay due to backlogs and staff shortages at the commission itself. Nevertheless, we trust that the Lord knows what he is doing, and we continue to ask him to grant success to our application and continue to provide for us in the meantime.

The Colossians series

We had hoped that editing work on the new series from Colossians would speed up once a number of pick-up shots (shots you need that are identified in during the editing process) had been filmed. However, we have had to spend quite a bit of time looking into the issues with the Charity Commission, which has largely prevented any significant further work on the Colossians series. Now that we have replied to the Charity Commission, a small up-side of their 6-8 week delay means that we can get back to editing the Colossians series while we wait for their reply!

2019 Production Schedule

As 2018 draws to a close, we are looking ahead to 2019 and beginning to plan the next few series of Video Bible Talks, as well as possible additional projects like Video Bible Devotions. It is an exciting time, as we consider what the Lord might be able to do through this ministry by this time in 2019!

We will let you know of our intended production schedule in the new year. For now, please pray for us as we nail down the details of what books/passages of the Bible to cover, how many talks we should aim to produce, and the balancing act of what we would like to achieve v what our current level of financial support would allow us to achieve.

Please pray…

So, with the above in mind, please pray for the following…

Things to give thanks for…

  • Give thanks that the LORD is in control of the situation with the Charity Commission and has continued to provide for us despite the delay.
  • Give thanks for the honour and privilege it is to serve Jesus and his church through the work of Video Bible Talks.
  • Give thanks for the tens of hundreds of people in youth groups and small groups who have benefited from this work so far.

Things to pray for…

  • Please pray that the LORD would work so that the Charity Commission would gain a true and accurate understanding of our intentions for establishing Video Bible Talks as a charity.
  • Pray that we can recover the time spent on the Charity Commission issue and that the remaining videos in the Colossians series would be edited and released quickly.
  • Pray for wisdom in planning next year’s production schedule.

Thank you!

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