Christmas carols and the barely-comprehensible words of Auld Lang Syne have just about stopped echoing around the streets of Great Britain… and the shops have already got their hot cross buns and Easter eggs out on the shelves.

With a whole year behind us and a brand new year ahead of us, here is what is new with Video Bible Talks…

In this update:

Charity Formation

In our last update back in December, we mentioned the ongoing frustrations with our application to the Charity Commission. Thankfully, just before shutting down my computer for the Christmas break, we received the news from the Charity Commission that we had been waiting and praying for: Video Bible Talks is now a registered charity, number 1181337!

This was a much needed boost to our morale (and a lovely Christmas present, to boot!) and we give great thanks to God for opening the way for us to strengthen and grow the work of Video Bible Talks as a registered UK charity.

Charity registration has three main benefits for us:

  1. We can now claim Gift Aid on all donations from UK taxpayers who are eligible. This can be done by us (donors just need to tick the ‘Gift Aid’ checkbox on the online donation forms) or via giving schemes (such as CAF or Stewardship) and HMRC recognised payroll giving schemes. This is expected to boost our regular monthly financial support by 10-20%.

  2. We can apply for funding from other charitable trusts and grant awarding bodies. 

  3. We can utilise a number of charitable discounts and reduced rates for products and services related to the work of Video Bible Talks.

Beyond the financial benefits, charitable status also gives us a greater degree of accountability and reputability.

Plans for 2019

As you can imagine, the boost to our funding that our charitable status brings will enable us to consider how we might grow the work of Video Bible Talks.

At present, the production schedule for 2019 is as follows:

  • A one- or two-part Easter special.
  • A five- or six-part series from Exodus.
  • A six-part Bible overview series.

However, we have many ideas and plans for new projects and video Bible content that we are considering and praying through. The main one of these is of course Video Bible Devotions: video-based quiet time/devotional content working through portions/books of the Bible.

Plans to partner with Festive 

The other really exciting development to come about at the end of 2018 is the beginning of plans to form a partnership with Festive, the further education and sixth form initiative which grew out of UCCF and is now its own entity working with Christians and CUs in colleges and sixth forms up and down the UK.

Festive do a great work in supporting and equipping Christians in further education to live intentionally and missionally-minded lives for Jesus.

We are really pleased to announce that we are planning to work closely with Festive on the Bible Overview series, which we will be writing and filming later on in the year. Together, we aim to produce CU-specific versions of each video in the series to be used in school and college Christian Unions.

Please pray…

So, with the above in mind, please pray for the following…

Things to give thanks for…

  • Give thanks for our successful registration as a UK charity.
  • Give thanks for the boost to our work that charitable status brings and how we can begin to consider more longer-term plans.
  • Give thanks for plans to partner with Festive on the Bible Overview series later on this year. 

Things to pray for…

  • Please pray that the LORD would provide a boost to our regular monthly funding through Gift Aid and new regular supporters giving through payroll giving and other schemes.
  • Pray that we might be able to reach our minimum monthly funding target of £1,500 per month.
  • Pray that the LORD would grant us success in our plans for Video Bible Talks this year, and that he might even allow us to grow and develop our ideas for new projects and video Bible content.

Thank you!

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