February, the month of romance and pancakes, is upon us and I am sure that many of us are pining for the first hints of Spring and the warmer (oh, how much warmer!) summer months that follow.

Sadly, we can’t bring you any warmer weather. What we can bring you, however, is this months update from Video Bible Talks.

And what a corker it is…

In this update:

Funding update

Amazingly, and by God’s good provision, we have received a number of fairly substantial lump sum gifts over January and more coming through in February. No doubt this has something to do with achieving registered charitable status at the end of December, which opens up more possibilities and benefits for our fundraising (more on this in a moment). Regardless, it gives us much to thank God for!

These gifts mean that we can now change the way that we budget for the work of Video Bible Talks. So far, we have been working towards hitting a minimum monthly amount of £1,500 each month. This minimum target is the very bare minimum that we need to meet our various expenses and allow me to work on Video Bible Talks without the need of taking on additional freelance work to pay the bills. These lump sum gifts mean that we can now do two things:

  1. First, we can shift our monthly target from a minimum amount of £1,500 to a baseline amount of £2,500. This is the amount needed to allow Video Bible Talks to cover all our expenses and pay me for my actual time (rather than paying me the minimum we need to make ends meet each month).
  2. Second, we can put any excess money received each month into a reserve. Our long-term funding strategy is to cover our monthly baseline expenses entirely by regular monthly giving. As we work towards this goal, this reserve from lump sum gifts will enable us to cover any shortfall in regular monthly donations as well as allowing us to upgrade some of our equipment.

So, for those of you that keep an eye on our monthly ‘totaliser’ graphic, you will notice that it will now change to show the percentage of our baseline amount that is covered by regular donations (instead of percentage of our minimum monthly amount covered by all donations).

The other trustees and I give great thanks and praise to God for his generous provision in this way. As trustees, we have committed to praying for the work of Video Bible Talks every Monday morning (feel free to join us in this). As well as giving thanks, we pray that the LORD might continue to provide all that is needed for the work of Video Bible Talks so that we might continue and even grow this ministry in the future for his glory.

What’s next?

The final video in the Colossians series was made available this week, along with the bundle of all eight videos in the series (so that people can have download links to all eight video in one place). Please be praying that the LORD will put these videos to good use in people’s lives and church ministries.

Over the next few weeks, I will be getting to work on two new projects. The first of these is writing the script for the next series of Video Bible Talks, which will be a six-video series from the book of Exodus. We hope to make this available sometime in June/July.

The other new project will be writing and filming the first set of videos for Video Bible Devotions. These are shorter videos intended to help people spend time in God’s word on a regular basis, with each video covering  a few verses of the Bible at a time. They will feature a simple starting point for understanding what God is saying to us and then finish with a simple starting point for personal application in our day-to-day lives.

Daily/regular time in God’s Word is such a foundational discipline for a healthy relationship with Jesus. If our vision for Video Bible Talks is to see more youth groups and small groups get into the Bible and enjoy the benefits of hearing God’s Word preached collectively, then our vision for Video Bible Devotions is to see more teenagers and young adults get into the Bible and enjoy the riches of God’s Word for themselves personally.

How to give more (without actually giving more)

Many of you support the work of Video Bible Talks with regular donations… and for that we are immensely grateful. The work of Video Bible Talks and our plans for Video Bible Devotions would not be able to happen without the kindness and generous support of people like you. Thank you!

As a registered charity, we can now claim Gift Aid on all eligible donations from UK tax payers. Plus, people can now make use of giving schemes (such as Stewardship and CAF) and HMRC Payroll Giving to support the work of Video Bible Talks in a tax-efficient way before UK tax is applied (which helps us with the paperwork!). So, if you give regularly to the work of Video Bible Talks, please could we ask you to do one of the following (listed in our order of preference)…

  1. Give through Stewardship
    Stewardship is by far the easiest way to give towards the work of Video Bible Talks in a tax-efficient way. Not only do Stewardship take care of reclaiming Gift Aid, they also provide lots of helpful resources to help donors and recipients make the most of their giving.

  2. Give through CAF Online or your HMRC Payroll Giving scheme
    CAF is a well-known giving management charity who are also one of the HMRC-accredited recipients of payroll giving.

  3. Fill in this Gift Aid declaration form If you do not wish to use Stewardship or CAF to support the work of Video Bible Talks but you are a UK tax payer, then complete this form to enable us to reclaim 25p for every £1 you give.

Plus, if you already have set up your giving through the Video Bible Talks website and would like to make changes or view your giving history, then you can manage your donations from within the website. Simply log on and click the appropriate option under the ‘My Account’ menu link.

Please pray…

So, with the above in mind, please pray for the following… Things to give thanks for…

  • Give thanks for God’s provision through people’s generosity and support of this ministry.
  • Give thanks for completion of the Colossians series and for all that the LORD will do through the preaching and teaching of his word.
  • Give thanks that we can make use of various provisions and allowances for charities, such as UK Gift Aid, to boost our fundraising and reduce our expenses.

Things to pray for…

  • Please pray that the LORD would continue to provide for our needs and that we would eventually be able to cover our baseline monthly target by regular monthly donations.
  • Pray for the next series of Video Bible Talks (from Exodus). Pray that the script would be faithful to the Bible and that the pre-production and planning process would go well.
  • Pray for the work beginning on Video Bible Devotions, that it would be a faithful and helpful addition to the work of Video Bible Talks in utilising video to help people engage with God’s Word in the Bible.

Thank you!

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