Wednesday 20th March is officially the first day of Spring in 2019, although given the weather in the UK over the last few weeks you might be forgiven for thinking that summer has been and gone already!

Anyway, enough talk about weather… here is this month’s update from Video Bible Talks.

In this update:

Exodus series now in pre-production

The next series of Video Bible Talks, from the book of Exodus, is now well into pre-production.

This is the writing, planning and preparing stage of the video-making process. We are really pleased to announce that Andy Laws, Youth and Children’s Worker at The Slade Church in Greenwich, will be presenting this new series. As we work through Exodus in the six-video series, we will explore the Old Testament account of how the LORD rescued his people from slavery and, more importantly, restored their connection with him as the covenant keeping God who is with his people and makes a way where there is no way.

Throughout March, I will be studying the book of Exodus, writing the scripts, and planning the filming schedule. We hope to begin filming in April or May, and release the videos later on in the summer.

Introducing Video Bible Content

The work of Video Bible Talks has been slowly and steadily expanding over the last six months. Towards the end of 2018 we announced plans to begin working on Video Bible Devotions in early 2019. Writing the scripts for the first set of videos is well underway, with filming set to begin towards the end of March.

In addition to Video Bible Talks and Video Bible Devotions, we recognised that we needed a third ‘catch-all’ ministry that would enable us to package and release all the ideas for videos that didn’t fit into Video Bible Talks and Video Bible Devotions. Thus, Video Bible Content was born!

Video Bible Content will be a steadily growing range of video content about Jesus, Christianity and the Bible that is designed to be shared online, used in church services, or used in other ministry settings. The first video was shot in summer 2018 and has been slowly worked on since then. It is a short documentary film telling the story of Fiona, a church-worker the UK, and how she has had her view of God and her relationship with him grown and strengthened through being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

You can watch the full video here, and the video will be available to download from the Video Bible Talks website soon. Other videos and content will be released over the course of the next year, as and when time and opportunities arise, so keep an eye out for them.

A reminder to let us know if we can claim Gift-Aid

In last month’s update, we highlighted how we can now claim Gift Aid on all eligible donations to Video Bible Talks from UK tax payers. A big thank you to all of you who have switched your giving to a Gift-Aid scheme, or who have filled out the Gift-Aid declaration. If declaring Gift-Aid eligibility is relevant for you and you haven’t done this yet, then here is a reminder of the three best ways you can make your giving go further with Gift-Aid…

  1. Give through Stewardship Stewardship is by far the easiest way to give towards the work of Video Bible Talks in a tax-efficient way. Not only do Stewardship take care of the process of reclaiming Gift Aid, they also provide lots of helpful resources to help donors and recipients make the most of their giving.
  2. Give through CAF Online or your HMRC Payroll Giving scheme CAF is a well-known giving management charity who are also one of the HMRC-accredited recipients of payroll giving.
  3. Fill in this Gift Aid declaration form If you do not wish to use Stewardship or CAF to support the work of Video Bible Talks but you are a UK tax payer, then complete this form to enable us to reclaim 25p for every £1 you give.

Plus, if you already have set up your giving through the Video Bible Talks website and would like to make changes or view your giving history, then you can manage your donations from within the website. Simply log on and click the appropriate option under the ‘My Account’ menu link.

Please pray…

So, with the above in mind, please pray for the following… Things to give thanks for…

  • Give thanks for the ongoing work of Video Bible Talks, and the new opportunities to produce Video Bible Devotions and Video Bible Content.
  • Give thanks for the recent increase in giving, some larger lump-sum donations, and the ability to reclaiming Gift-Aid… and the ease of pressure that this has afforded us.
  • Give thanks for the many new people/churches using Video Bible Talks for the first time since the new year.

Things to pray for…

  • Please pray that the LORD would bless the work of Video Bible Talks, Video Bible Devotions and Video Bible Content – that it would be faithful to God’s Word and fruitful in people’s lives and ministries.
  • Continue to pray for the pre-production process of the next series of Video Bible Talks (from Exodus) and the script writing/planning of the first set of Video Bible Devotions.
  • Pray for a steady increase in the number of people giving to this work via small, regular/monthly donations. Pray that our minimum monthly baseline costs would be covered by regular month giving, so that we can budget and plan effectively… and even begin to think about growing this work further.

Thank you!

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Published by Alan Witchalls

Alan Witchalls is the Producer and Director of Video Bible Talks. Alan is a trained Christian Minister with over 15 years experience in youth ministry. He lives just outside of London with his wife and two children.