Wimbledon, Women’s World Cup and (hot) weather. Time for the July update.

It’s been a busy month or two with Video Bible Talks. Here is a rundown on what has been happening…

Production update

Since sending out an update at the beginning of May, we’ve moved around and changed our production schedule for this year. At the beginning of the year, we were working towards releasing two Video Bible Talks series – one from Exodus and a Bible Overview – and launching the first set of Video Bible Devotions.

However, after writing the first set of Video Bible Devotions on Acts 1-2, we (the trustees and I) were not happy with them. They felt too much like short talks (and therefore too much like Video Bible Talks) rather than something that would help people in their regular/daily personal devotions. At the same time, work on the Bible Overview has had to be put back, partly because of the knock on effect of having to rethink Video Bible Devotions but also due to scheduling conflicts between myself and Dave Cornes, who will be presenting the Bible Overview. We want the Bible Overview to be a little bit different and a bit more ‘special’ than your average Video Bible Talks series, and so we have put filming this back to early October (or early 2020, depending on the weather).

That left us with a bit of predicament, as we have been committed to producing a minimum of two Video Bible Talks series each year. Thankfully, the scrapped Video Bible Devotions scripts from Acts 1-2 gave us the answer! Seeing as how these scripts were too much like short talks, we wondered if they could be amalgamated into a short series for Video Bible Talks… which they can!

So… here is the production schedule we are now working towards.

Video Bible Talks

Exodus: Know the LORD

Andy Laws (Youth Minister, The Slade Evangelical Church) and I have just finished filming the studio segments of the Exodus series yesterday (4th July). The six videos focus in on six key events in Exodus that follow the story of God’s rescue of his people and how they are restored as the LORD’s people, with him as their God.

The more I work on this, the more excited I get about how this series will help people engage with Jesus and his good news afresh from this well-known book of the Bible. In the next few weeks, Andy and I will be filming the on-location segments over the coming weeks. We will be travelling all over the country… and even heading across the English Channel to film a few sequences in Normandy!

Our aim is to begin releasing these videos from 1st September.

Acts 1-2

When I’m not filming the Exodus series, I will be finishing off the work of combining the former Video Bible Devotions scripts into scripts for a series of Video Bible Talks from Acts 1-2.

At the moment, the plan is that I will present this series. Obviously, this raises a bit of an issue in that I can’t be behind the camera and in front of it at the same time! Thankfully, due to several larger lump sum gifts that we received at the start of the year, we are in the position to consider hiring a cameraman to shoot the on-location parts of these videos (the studio segments are easier for me to film and present by myself).

Once filming is complete (over August and September), editing can begin and we hope to begin releasing these towards the end of 2019.

Video Bible Devotions

With the Acts 1-2 scripts now being used to produce a Video Bible Talks series, we decided to start with a clean slate and write the new Video Bible Devotions scripts from scratch. To help keep this process as lean as possible, I’ll be writing them from Colossians, seeing as I have already studied this book in-depth in order to write the Colossians Video Bible Talks series last year (and we are working through Colossians in our weekly family one-to-one times with our kids).

The new scripts are much better suited for use as personal devotions. All we need to do now is work out what they are going to look like onscreen. So, over the next month or so, I’ll be trying out a few ideas we have for what the set/location for these videos will be.

Once we have nailed down the look and format of these videos, the filming and editing time per video is much shorter than for Video Bible Talks, and so you can expect to be seeing these made available sometime in September.

One last thing…

As a family, we have been using a booklet to help us pray for global mission. While using this booklet, I have come to realise that I find prayer points really unhelpful! That is, I find the way that they are written unhelpful. The prayer point might be something like ‘Please pray for people in India to share the Gospel despite persecution.’ So I read what is written and then when I pray, I often find myself just saying the same words but in a different order!

This got me thinking. Rather than writing prayer points in these updates, I’m going to try just writing prayers.

Give them a go and let me know how you get on!

Please pray…

So, with the above in mind, please pray the following…


  • Thank you, Heavenly Father, for providing all that is needed to allow the work of Video Bible Talks to continue and grow. Thank you for all the people giving to this work, whether small gifts each month or larger one-off gifts every now and then. Thank you for their/our partnership with Video Bible Talks in this way.
  • Thank you for the daily flow of people/churches either signing up and using Video Bible Talks for the first time, or returning to use one of the other series of videos available online.


  • Heavenly Father, please bless the work of script writing, filming and editing over the coming weeks and months.
  • Please help the Video Bible Talks team to complete the Exodus series, the Acts 1-2 series, Bible Overview and the first set of Video Bible Devotions as planned. Please help Alan in particular to balance script writing, planning, filming and editing between these projects.
  • Please provide more people to sign-up to support this work with small regular donations. Please would you provide the extra £1,000 per month that is needed to fully cover monthly costs by regular monthly donation, so that Video Bible Talks can continue their work knowing that their monthly costs are covered on an ongoing basis.

Thank you!

Our videos are free to use… but sadly, they are not free to make. Which is why we are thankful for people like you who are considering supporting us financially.

We gladly make our videos available for free (here’s an explanation why) and so we depend on people giving to support this work. We appreciate larger one-off gifts very much but we would ask people to consider supporting us with a small amount each month.

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