Video Bible Talks and Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced large numbers of churches to suspend weekly services and ministry gatherings. As a result, lots of people are turning to online video as a way of maintaining ministry continuity.

For me, as I think about Video Bible Talks, I can’t help but think of Esther 4:14… that the ministry of Video Bible Talks has been growing over the last two years ‘for such a time as this’.

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September 2019 update

A new academic year (in the UK) and fading memories of summer holidays… time for the September update.

Currently, Video Bible Talks is a bit like a swan: on the surface not much is happening, but look under the water and we’re paddling away like mad. Here is a rundown on what has been happening…

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March 2019 update

Wednesday 20th March is officially the first day of Spring in 2019, although given the weather in the UK over the last few weeks you might be forgiven for thinking that summer has been and gone already!

Anyway, enough talk about weather… here is this month’s update from Video Bible Talks.

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February 2019 update

February, the month of romance and pancakes, is upon us and I am sure that many of us are pining for the first hints of Spring and the warmer (oh, how much warmer!) summer months that follow.

Sadly, we can’t bring you any warmer weather. What we can bring you, however, is this months update from Video Bible Talks.

And what a corker it is…

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January 2019 update

Christmas carols and the barely-comprehensible words of Auld Lang Syne have just about stopped echoing around the streets of Great Britain… and the shops have already got their hot cross buns and Easter eggs out on the shelves.

With a whole year behind us and a brand new year ahead of us, here is what is new with Video Bible Talks…

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