December 2018 update

Frosty mornings, festive lights, an abundance of tinsel, and Christmas songs that we have been sick of since early November… it must be the beginning December and the season of Advent!

Which also means that it is time for this month’s update from Video Bible Talks…

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October 2018 update

The weather is turning colder, leaves are changing to golden colours, and people have even started pointing out how many weeks it is until Christmas! October is here, and so is this month’s update from Video Bible Talks.

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September 2018 update

Here in the UK, September brings a new academic year and so lots of things are changing, moving on, etc. As you will see in this month’s update, we hope and pray that September will bring about some significant changes in our ministry of Video Bible Talks, too.

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Colossians update

The next series of Bible teaching videos from the book of Colossians will be available from 1st October 2018.

‘Rooted and built up’ is a series of eight Bible teaching videos from Video Bible Talks from the book of Colossians, and you can get a sneak peek of what is coming up in the series from the trailer video above.

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Be more, do more

What do you need to do to be a Christian? What do you need to do if you want to live as a better Christian?

Some people might say that you need to be really religious and try to obey the 10 commandments more and more, then you can be a Christian. Others might say that, to be an effective Christian, you need to deepen your spiritual connection with God so you’re more aware of him in your life. Still others might say that being a better Christian is all about reading your Bible more. You’ve got to pray more and go to church more.

What do you think you need to do to live as a better Christian?

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GDPR in the Bible

In 2 Corinthians 4:2, the Apostle Paul wrote, ‘…we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God.’

There you go… GDPR in the Bible.

I can tell you are not convinced. Okay, let me explain…

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