Sermon on the Mount: 02 Obey

Matthew 5-7: the Sermon on the Mount

02 | Obey
Matthew 5:17-48

The Sermon on the Mount series from Video Bible Talks is a six-video series of Bible teaching videos from Matthew 5-7 looking at what Jesus says about how to live as his disciples.

In this second video, we take a look at Matthew 5:17-48 and discover how being a follower of Jesus and receiving his victory over Satan, sin and death should mean that we strive to live his ways and not seeing how close to the edge we can get. We are to be people living by grace yet aiming for holiness.

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  1. 02 Obey - 720p HD video
  2. 02 Obey - Leader Guide
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  • Presented by Dave Cornes
  • HD video
  • Plus leader guide